Welcome to the NFL Legend Memorable Experience Division of Gary Clark Incorporated (GCI). GCI enhances your brand and increases your business by identifying and profiling who within a targeted audience actually needs your product or service. GCI captures this information by providing memorable experiences to this targeted audience followed by ongoing experiences to those members within that audience which have already been identified to need your product or services. The NFL Memorable Experience Division of GCI takes enormous pride in being an Added Value Based Business Development Tool (AVBD) that utilizes grassroots marketing strategies and techniques to capture new customers for our clients while also utilizing these same strategies and vehicles to maintain and bring more added value to their existing customer base and because of our natural association with the National Football League there is already a built-in percentage of potential customers who are in need of your product or service or who already uses your product or service. Each week around a billion NFL Fans will tune in to watch or attend NFL football games. Let us arm you with the proper vehicle or tool that will introduce this market to your product or service.

By providing our client's current and future customers with strategic memorable experiences we are able to enhance and grow our clients business and brand. 

Our strategies have the singular purpose of intimately placing our clients directly inside the households of their targeted audience. GCI was founded by Two-Time Super Bowl Champion Gary Clark of the Washington Redskins and other NFL Legends who understand that business is best generated by bringing likeminded individuals together to give their targeted audience a reason to want to advocate their services to their family, friends, associates and co-workers.  

GCI's motivation for creating a series of 5 Star- NFL Legend Memorable Experiences is aimed at specific industries and households who are passionate about the specific type of memorable experience desired. The question you and your business must ask yourselves is what differentiates you from your competition. Having a profile on your targeted audience and understanding what motivates them personally puts you miles ahead of your competition.  Our marketing strategies and vehicles are destined to redefine how customers and households are reached by businesses such as yours.  

The NFL Legend Experience will take your business to new heights. So go ahead and provide a memorable experience to your targeted audience that brings a smile to their faces and  joy to their hearts while placing you and your business in their memory bank forever.         GCI's creates unforgettable and timeless experiences that are guaranteed to enhance your business and client relationships.  Join forces with GCI and you will definitely become more marketable, more profitable and more successful. So Lets Get Started...    



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