Gary Clark Incorporated

Experience The Magic

Our Vision For Success

In business as in sports, staying on top and staying in the game requires innovation, endurance and a very strong team of skilled players. The VISION behind Gary Clark Incorporated is to build a unique and diverse society of skilled individuals with the unifying common purpose of supporting one another's business needs, personal interests and various charitiable causes and community obligations.



Who We Are - What We Inspire - What Is Our Purpose  

We are a caused base business development company founded by NFL Legend and Two-Time Super Bowl Champion Gary Clark that takes pride in being able to create unique, out of the box, marketing strategies, vehicles and tools which DEVELOPS, CREATES and GENERATES business and other opportunities for our clients, sponsors and partners. In utilizing our Memorable Experiences Program we inspire the type of emotions that ensures our targeted audience reacts in a positive and predicitve manner which makes for an easier introduction of our clients into their households. Our purpose is simple... Make sure each client, sponsor or partner is destined to succeed by inspiring, motivating and providing their targeted audience with memorable experiences and the knowledge necessary for them to become motivated to advocate for the success of our clients, sponsors and partners.

What We Provide / Core Values
We provide a collection of strategies and tools with a host of 5 Star benefits and services and our noticeable association with a $60 Billion Dollar Brand thru our NFL Experiences that accelerates our clients business and brand awareness in ways no competitor ever could.  In understanding there's no greater barometer in determining success than what lies deep within one's soul, we work under the credence that every client who makes the commitment to GCI will in turn receive a company that attacks each second with a verocity and dedicated hunger, focus, and purpose for ensuring our client's yeild maximum results for maximum success. .

Our Mission
GCI's mission is to nurture, maintain and develop solid relationships that allows are clients, partners and sponsors to enjoy an active advocate base who utilizes their products and or services and who also refers their family, friends, associates and co-workers to do the same.  It is our mission to strongly encourage our existing clients, sponsors and partners to search out one another and to also advocate on each others behalf and to utilize each others services and products. Having the common goal of enhancing each others business will always remain a significant mission of GCI.  And it is our mission to create a model that offers memorable experience packages that maximizes the abilities and results for all clients at any and all pricing levels.


Our Goal
GCI is dedicated to helping clients maximize their full potential by generating brand awareness and placing those clients directly into the households of their targeted audience and giving members of those households a strategic motivated reason to utilize and purchase the product and services of those clients, sponsors or partners. 

How Will We Achieve The Results Our Client's Seek 
> By Growing Our Client's Word-of-Mouth Success

> By Growing Our Client's Advocate Base

> By Placing Our Client's Directly Inside The Targeted Audience Household

> By Providing Targeted Audience An Event To Know Who Our Clients Are and What they Do

> By Giving Targeted Audience A Very Motivated Reason To Want To Buy or Utilize Your Services

> By Giving Targeted Audience A Very Motivated Reason To Want To Advocate Your Services to their        Family, Friends, Associates and Co-Workers 


What We Seek To Accomplish
At Gary Clark Incorporated, we seek to work towards placing our clients directly inside the homes  and offices of their targeted audience. We seek to take our clients and their customers to a level of satisfaction that they have never enjoyed before. Making Our clients more marketable, more profitable and more successful is what we seek to accomplish and what we will accomplish for our clients. We will without a doubt take our clients business to the next level. 


Where We Seek To Head
In the world of sports and business, the game gets faster, stronger, and smarter with the passing of each day. To stay ahead of the competition, our efforts to push beyond the boundaries of performance are guided by our dedication of purpose, inspired by our innovation of thought, and fueled by the simple hint of being viewed as the STANDARD within our industry. The future of performance thrives at Gary Clark Incorporated. Although we can’t predict what the future may hold, we are confident that our continued pursuit of excellence will too take us to the next level. 



Clients / Sponsors / Partners  

We believe that to be the best, you must surround yourself with the best. We seek to work with clients, sponsors and partners who are dedicated to taking their business and their dreams to the next level. Who understands that success in their business lies part in the support of targeted communities and understanding the more they interact with that targeted community the more that community will support their business and their dreams. We work directly with each of our clients/sponsors/partners to develop specific programming that will provide premier, memorable expereinces to their targeted audience and  consumer base. The type of programming that can only be found with our NFL Legend Memorable Experiences Packages and through our strategic grassroots marketing tools and vehicles.

Become a Client / Sponsor / Partner

Become a Client/Sponsor/Partner and take your business to the next level. GCI has found motivation for your current and future customers by creating a series of 5Star NFL Legend Memorable Experiences that are utilized to target those customers and highly valued clients of yours who are passionate about the specific type of memorable experience we will be providing them. This type of grassroots touch marketing is what will allow Gary Clark Incorporated and its clients to redefine how households are marketed to in the future by businesses like yours. Our NFL Legend Experience is simply the type of Game Changer that you and your company can't afford not to be a part of.


Below you will find a series of client/sponsorship packages utilizing various NFL Experiences and 5 Star Prizes as tools to capture members from a targeted audience who are in need of the type of services you and your company provide. Utilize the packages as a value added tool for your best clients or utilize a package specifically with the intent of captruing new clients or customers or schedule a meeting  with our package specialist and design and customize your own amazing experience package. We take great pride in knowing our director of strategic intelligence has put together a state of the art system in terms of finding customers in need of our clients/sponsors services. If you're worried about our packages being too expensive, don't be as there are a variety of packages that fits every business needs and budgets. What sets our packages apart is that we provide ONGOING ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCES for those clients which indicate they are in need of the type of services our partners/clients/sponsors provide.

(Click Link Below To See List of Memorable NFL Legend Experiences and 5 Star Prizes)

The NFL Legend Experience is the perfect vehicle for your company as an added value tool for  your best clients and as a cpature vehicle for gaining new clients in need of your services. Join the GCI  Family and give your clients a motivated reason to utilize your services or purchase your products.  One thing is a given, our strategies, tools and vehicles are gauranteed to take your business and your brand to the next level. 


> Premier Package - $15,000
Elite Package - $10,500 
Official Package - $7,500 

> Product Suppliers Package - $4,500
Community Package - $4,000
> Proud Sponsorship - $2,500

> Thank You For Your Patronage Package - $2,000

> Table Sponsor Package - $1,000

*Click This Link To See The NFL Experiences & 5 Star Prizes Associated with Each Package*